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About Us

Changzhou Meifengte metal products Co., Ltd. Has ISO9001-2000 quality management system and is certified by DNV. It is a large-scale private enterprise in mould design and processing, industry, specializes in mould design, manufacturing, metal stamping processing. Its products are widely used in electronics, instruments, electronics, textiles, auto parts, industrial, household items, and many other fields. Changzhou Meifengte covers building area more than 2000 square meters and has more 40 staff. It equipped with CNC, milling machine, grinding machine, wire cutting, EDM machine, high-speed punching machine, etc. In total more than 30 machines. It has comprehensive technical ability, can provide mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, stamping parts production or mechanical parts processing one-stop sales service. 

Meifengte company has four well educated engineers in management, mainly responsible for design and manufacture plastic mold, stamping touch. After-sales service, etc. And other staff can use AUMASTERCAM/CAD/CAE advanced design software very well and experienced in precision machining equipment, with their experience and professional technology, knowledge solve various technical problems. 

Its quality department has precision measuring instrument: Two dimensional tester, projector, height gauge, precision. Precision {needle gauge, gauge block, radius gage, caliper} and other testing instruments. The mould design and manufacturing process is strictly controlled by the quality or precision testing, and working under practical process improvement plan. And Meifengte can design the part and provide working process planning to meet customer's requirement. With its honesty and trustworthy service, high quality, good delivery time. And after-sales service, Meifengte is very popular among worldwide customers, especially in Europe and America.


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